What am i responsible for as a tenant?

You as a tenant have a duty to inspect the apartment within 14 days after the handover. If you discover any kind of errors or defects that were not discovered during the handover, and were not caused by you as a tenant, than this should immediately be informed to us, as we will correct these as soon as possible.

Pursuant to Clause 14 of the Lease - Some of tenants other duties consist of taking responsibility of maintaining the apartment you live in. This includes maintenance of fire protection equipment, home temperature, maintaining a good indoor climate, regular cleaning of the apartment, preventing pests and avoiding damage.

Think about how you use the apartment. The door and window handles can possibly hit the wall and make a mark. To prevent these marks, make sure to use door stops and window hasps. If you notice that something is loose or does not close properly, do make a small adjustment if necessary. Avoid scratching the floor by lifting objects instead of pulling. And remember that it is not allowed to hang things on the walls of apartment.

In addition, it is also expected that you treat outdoor areas and buildings with responsibility, and that you dispose waste in accordance to the municipality`s current regulations.

The house rules exist for a reason and the well-being and a good living environment starts with oneself.

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