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How do I validate drivers licence with Bank-ID?

  • How do I validate drivers licence with Bank-ID?
  • What if I no not have a Norwegian drivers licence/ foreign licence?
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  • Validation of driving licence with Bank-ID
    All users are required to validate driving licence with Bank-ID (against Vegvesenets digital registry).

    How is the validation performed?
    The control is done directly in the app or online portal, when signing up, and on a 6-month basis for existing users.
    • If driving licence is not validated you will be notified when attempting to book a vehicle.
    • Click "Start online validation now" and continue with validation through Bank-ID.
    What do I need to do as an existing member?
    As an existing member you do not have to do anything until the existing validation expires.You will then be prompted to validate the licence when attempting to book a vehicle.

    What if I don't have a Norwegian drivers licence?
    Bilkollektivet requires users to own licences valid for use in Norway.
    We therefore only accept driving licences issued in EU/EEA.

    Digital validation of licence with Bank-ID only applies to Norwegian licences.
    If you have a driving licence from another country within EU/EEA you can validate this manually by sending an email with copy of driving licence + picture of you next to licence (face and licence in same picture) to informasjon@bilkollektivet.no

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