Service charges and fees 2020/2021💲

Service changes:

  • Use of laundry (wash or dry) in all our laundrys: NOK 20 Per machine
  • Storage rental in Storgata: NOK 100 Per month
  • Buying a Startkit (inflatable mattress and duvet/pillow): NOK 650
  • Curtain sale (only available for Storgata and Trondheimsveien): NOK 100 Per set

  • Lost/broken key apartment/flat: NOK 500 per key
  • Lost/broken key to mailbox: NOK 500 per key
  • Lost/broken laundry card: NOK 200
  • Covering/removing the smoke detector: NOK 1500
  • Obstruction of emergency exits: NOK 1000
  • Insufficient cleaning of the common kitchen: NOK 500
  • Delayed submission of keys (within 11:00 last day of contract) when moving out: NOK 1000
  • Insufficient cleaning of the apartment upon moving out: NOK 500 per hour (min 1 hour)
  • Disposal of trash, etc. placed in common area: NOK 500
  • Assistance from security guard if you have locked yourself out: NOK 500
  • Smoking in the apartment or common area: NOK 1000🚭

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