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Internet (only for Sandakerveien and Gøteborggata)

Remember that the janitor / housing Office cannot help you with the internet.

You get a personal customer relationship with Telenor even though the internet is included in the rent. Please remember that we do not pay for faster internet, then you must make a personal agreement with an upgrade with Telenor.

In your apartment you have a modem and associated cables. You do not need to bring a router as you will have a multimodem, which already has a router.

When you move into the apartment, you must call Telenor: 91509000 to register.

You must provide the customer number for your area:
  • Gøteborggata: 21877786
  • Sandakerveien 76 A og B: 21808686
You must state that you are a tenant at Anker Studenbolig, address and housing number.

NB! Please note that you must be at the apartment when you make the call to Telenor.

If you have problems with the internet, you should also contact Telenor.

Remember that you can check operations notices online via:

Our agreement with them is to help all our residents with internet problems – we take the bill if they must send new internet equipment.

The equipment should remain in the apartment when you move out. Feel free to contact us if you do not receive the help you should have received, after conversations with Telenor.

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  • I moved in yesterday and called Telenor to activate my internet. They said it would take two days for the internet to start. This is too much time considering the internet is a necessity.
  • Hello,

    You should also have fiber-net from Homenet in the apartment (deal fro 1st of August, but it works in a lot of the apartments already). Have you tried it? 😀

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