Border not opening

What are the costs for me when I sign the contract, but I cannot come to Norway when the borders are still closed?


  • Hi,

    You have the possibility to cancel the contract within 5 days within it starts 😊 see section 25 in lease contract;

    The tenancy agreement is a binding contract when signed. If the tenant(s) cancel the contract after it is signed, the tenant(s) will be charged a cancelation fee of 1500 NOK. Only written cancellations, at least 5 days before the contract starts, will be accepted. If the contract is cancelled after this deadline and/or after tenancy has started, the tenant will be liable to cover the rental expenses, up to 2 months of rent.
  • I need to pay a deposit of Kr.13,600.00, so when I cancel the contract within 5 days within the contract starts, I get some of the money back (13600 - 1500)? 

  • Yes, that is correct 😊

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