All about Laundry

You will be given a laundry chip upon moving in.

Your laundry chip must be refilled with money before you can use it at the laundry. This is not included in the rent. Please also note that in case of a lost chip, the outstanding amount is not refundable. You should use up the amount before moving out.


Follow the link to log in with your chip number:

To log in to the page the username / password is: THE NUMBER ON THE CHIP. You may want to save the address as a bookmark.

Price per wash: 20 kr

Price per dry: 20 kr

Where is the Laundry?

Storgata: The laundry is located in house 11 with entrance at the back of the main entrance (lower level). You have to use your laundry chip to get in, it is an electronic key reader on the left side of the door.

Trondheimsveien: Downstairs (basement).

Wilsesgate: Downstairs (basement) in building A.

Københavngata: Ground floor, enter the door at the elevators / staircase, enter the next door straight ahead marked “Laundry”.

Gøteborggata: Downstairs, first door to the right as you come down the stairs. Door is marked “Laundry”.

Sandakerveien 76: Downstairs in building B. The door is marked “Laundry.”


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